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Voted the most effective Instagram marketing service in 2020 on the freelancing platform Fiverr maintaining a 4.96/5 rating.

Let our team do the work manually without putting your account in danger or shadowbanned like infamous Instagram bots.
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Trusted with a 4,96 ⭐ rating on Fiverr by 420 clients, 1950+ accounts worked on from over 4700 orders in 2019, 2020 and 2021. See for yourself below in the video showing the inside of our Fiverr account.


Why shouldn't I just use one of those Instagram bots?

Infamous bots and any automated software have either been banned already by Instagram or are actively violating their Terms of Use and put your account in immediate danger. If you do attempt to connect malicious growth software to your page, you risk having your account temporarily or permanently banned – or even shadowbanned without your knowledge.

Buying followers or artificial (fake) engagement can cause major harm to your account, as it risks an immediate account deactivation due to suspicious activities, and possibly a permanent ban from the platform. Even if you avoid punishment by Instagram’s system, engagement on the account will suffer along with any future growth projects being less effective due to the algorithms not supporting your account because of weak genuine engagement.

Frankly, most of the bots and software do not work in 2021 anymore due to their methods being outdated and not fully compliant with the guidelines of Instagram.

Grow on Instagram – the right way - manually.

  • Why organic growth is essential to your success

    The marketing idea of ‘organic growth’ has become frequently associated with Instagram with the downfall of Instagram bots that once successfully automated interaction.

    Nowadays, the only safe way nowadays to effectively and efficiently grow your account is to have a social media expert manually work on your account as Instagram started to rely on more session data to detect authentic user behavior by analyzing patterns.


    In order to increase your brand reach, spread the word about your campaign, or sell a product, you need to engage your existing audience and also attract a new audience. Therefore, it is vital to organically build up the reach with your current followers as well as new people from your target audience.


  • Why Instagram is important for your business

    As of December 2020, the number of users on Instagram has risen to over 900 million and is pushing the 1 billion mark. User engagement on Instagram is 10X greater than on Facebook, 55X bigger than on Pinterest, and 85X larger than on Twitter.

    While Instagram has already been extremely valuable for influencer marketing and niche pages, over the past years we have seen thousands of small businesses thrive using Instagram, as Instagram evolved to enable on-platform e-commerce sales.

    The results are hard to ignore. A staggering 72% of Instagram users reported purchasing products through the social media platform at least once.

  • Buying followers vs growing organically

    Buying followers or artificial (fake) engagement can cause major harm to your account, as it risks an immediate account deactivation due to suspicious activities, and possibly a permanent ban from the platform. Even if you avoid punishment by Instagram’s system, engagement on the account will suffer along with any future growth projects due to the algorithms not supporting your account because of your weaker genuine engagement.

    Especially throughout the past couple of years, we have seen a lot of accounts get destroyed that have bought accounts to increase their followers or engagement.

    The goal is to grow long-term and not to have a quick influx of followers to increase the overall following count. Ultimately, those accounts will suffer from bad growth strategies in the short- and long-term.

  • Can I get blocked for more than a few hours?

    Eliminating the possibility of harmful blocks or other measures by Instagram is our highest priority which we have managed to in fact fully eliminate using our system and methods. The only two types of non-harmful blocks that may occur but are very rare serve as protection from hackers or spam on an account: Compromisations and 7 Day Blocks.

    Both of these blocks are a result of the Instagram system flagging potentially suspicious activity.
    Instagram’s systems are not perfect and sometimes flag volume or other actions unintentionally.
    Compromisations and 7 Day Blocks are security measures to protect your account and not measures taken against an account. As a result, they also do not do any harm.

    When an account is compromised, the password has to be changed and the account must rest for 48-72 hours. After that period, the activity can be restarted without any trouble.

    With a 7 Day Block, the account is blocked from interacting (likes, follows, comments, and even posting with hashtags or captions is blocked – though you can still send DMs to clients and friends).

  • Can my account be permanently locked?

    If you do not use any automation software on your account, you are in no danger of having your account permanently locked as everything we do is manual, organic, and fully in-line with Instagram’s Terms of Use.



    • Refund policy

      We offer a refund policy for all our clients. If you are not satisfied with the service you may contact me in the Discord chat where we will collectively evaluate the situation. In most cases, a full refund will be initiated as it is our highest priority to offer a transparent service for our clients.

    • Do I get a discount if I sign up long term?

      Yes! We offer a 15-20% discount if you sign up for a 3-month growth cycle.

    • Will I receive an invoice?

      Yes, you will receive an invoice that will be sent to your email shortly after purchase!

    • How can I pay?

      Please visit the pricing page in order to purchase the desired growth package.
      We accept the following payment options: PayPal, Credit & Debit card, Stripe, Skrill, Payoneer

    • Why should I specifically work with you?

      A very large percentage of IG growth companies are using bots to grow their client’s accounts. Of the very few companies and people that do the work manually with a proven system, many fake results, and their reviews because they can not back their methods up with verified social proof.

      We have the references, reviews, and status to back up methods that you can see on our Testimonial page. We have been holding a top #3 rank out of 15000 sellers on Fiverr for 2 ½ years, growing over 1250 accounts with 4700 orders. Overall our service had a 4,98/5 rating. We have worked with a large range of clients in the past ranging from blue-chip companies, to top influencers and a large number of small niche accounts and businesses.

      Our methods are constantly getting optimized and you can see from first glance that it is not just following people but involves lots of other things that we work on manually on every account.

    • Do you also create content?

      We solely focus on the growth aspect of your Instagram account. We have been focusing on creating the systems for us to be able to offer the service for all niches, which would be impossible adding content creation to the mix.

    • What do you require in order to get started?

      We only require a few things after the purchase such as:

      Login details to the account (username, password). Alternatively, we can also work entirely from outside of the account.
      Information about the target audience
      A few competitor accounts that have the same audience or a similar audience
      any other special requests or rules on the accounts

    • Does your service work in my niche?

      We have worked with over 100 niches and 400 sub-niches since creating we grow in 2018
      Growing a niche account is not an issue for us as we manually target audiences. We will use several competitor pages, hashtags, or locations to identify your target audience.

    • Does your service work for private accounts?

      Yes! We are able to work on private accounts. However, the results will lack in comparison to the results that we are able to achieve on public accounts. This is because the accounts we interact with will not have the opportunity to see any of your content to evaluate if they wish to follow you back to become a loyal follower.

    • What kind of references do you have?

      Throughout the past years we have worked on approximately 900 accounts ranging from brand-new niche pages that we started from scratch to large global enterprise accounts.
      Please note that we will never disclose your company name or account involuntarily for marketing purposes to retain your privacy and our confidentiality.

      Please check out our statistics page and our review page to take a look at the growth and references on pages in their respective niches on our packages.

    • Will you answer to comments or DMs?

      We stick to interactions that are a mix of motion-based actions, follows, unfollows, and likes. We do not use any form of messaging to grow our clients’ accounts.
      Using comments or DMs is highly inauthentic and extremely inefficient.

    • What results can I look forward to?

      The results vary depending on factors such as niche, content quality, account type, and service package.
      Generally, the range varies from 500-3750 gross followers per month. Note that follower growth is important, but engagement, reach, and algorithm support are the real goal as simply growing the followers, or even worse, artificially inflating the following numbers at the expense of reach and engagement is not the way to go for long terms success
      Be sure to check out our stat page to see some of the examples for different niches.

    • What happens after we hit 7,500 followers?

      After hitting a following count (= the people that your account follows), we cannot execute more follows above the limit.
      We will then start to unfollow around 150-225 profiles per day from the ‘latest followed’ profiles and increase the like activity by 50% to catch up on growth volume that is lost by not being able to follow.

    • When can I expect to see the first results?

      Results can be seen from Day One of our work on your account. The process is relatively straight-forward, and results are steady as we deliver roughly the same volume on each given day. Volume will ramp up over the first few days, and will be steady from then on.

    • Will I get spam accounts?

      We do not attract any type of spam accounts to your page. It is of high importance for us to only attract relevant profiles to your profile. Anything else would be counterintuitive, as we always strive to work long-term with our clients.

    • How many people will unfollow me?

      There is no definite answer to how many profiles will unfollow your account, as there are several factors playing into that. Generally, the average rate of accounts that unfollow after following per week is around 2-10%. This is part of the process and compared to the growth, rather insignificant.

    • Can you target a specific demographic?

      Yes! We are able to target specific demographics whenever possible and when data is not too specific.
      A photography account with the target audience being male pet photographers from the US is easily doable for our account managers.
      However, it is more difficult if the target audience is 24-27-year-old pet photographers with a Nikon in Miami.
      With 95% of clients’ needs concerning target audiences, we do not have any issues at all, though if it gets too narrow to which we cannot manually locate the target audience, our hands are tied as that is where the manual process has its limit.

    • Does this work for accounts with a big following?

      Yes! It doesn’t really matter what language the account is in or where the owner of the account is from. As long as we can target the specific target audience, it’s not an issue for us at all.
      Our service is perfect for brand-new accounts, small accounts ranging from 50-5000 followers, and medium accounts ranging from 5k-25k followers. We also work with bigger accounts than that, though the growth is not exponential.

    • Do I have to have a certain amount of followers?

      Unlike many other manual growth services and social media companies we do take on brand-new accounts as well as accounts with very low following counts.

    • Can I use your service simultaneously with another one?

      Due to blocks that may occur and action limits that hinder the execution of our work, we advise against the use of another service alongside our service.

    • Can I pause your service and start back up again when I am ready?

      Yes! It’s as easy as sending us a quick message if you wish to pause your service. When you are ready to continue, JUST tell us to start back up again.

    • Can we only like and not use follows?

      Yes! Just make sure to mention this to us prior to us starting our work.

    • Do you get me real followers?

      Yes! All of the follows that your account gains with our service are real followers that were organically reached. We do not use bots or target fake account follows.

    • Will the stats slow down after the service?

      Partially. You should expect that discontinuation of our service before the completion of the third month will slow growth down to a normal pace, though your engagement levels will mostly stay the same. That is why we built a system at a price point that can be maintained long-term to offer clients like you a service that can be used continuously.

      The focus of our service and what should be the focus of the aspirations of your account, in general, should be a long-term approach. Even after the duration of our service, the account will benefit from it long term. For best results, we recommend a three-month package.

    • How long should I be using the serice for to get the best results even after you are done working on the account?

      Ideally, we are suggesting for us to work on the account for at least month or three months for your account to see long term growth even after we are not working on the account anymore.

    • Do you also unfollow?

      We use unfollowing only to unfollow accounts at your request or when we hit the limit of how many accounts you can follow. We make sure to not unfollow accounts that you followed before we start our work.

      Please provide any follows that you personally add during our service in a do-not-unfollow list or add them as close friends on your account.

      We may also provide a list of all followers that do not follow back and then act according to your wishes.

    • Who will I communicate with?

      All clients will be able to communicate with our founder, Stefan, who is working with the Head Account Managers and Account Managers that grow your account. It is important to us to give you the option to communicate with us in order to change strategy or voice concerns.

    • Does this service work on accounts with another language than English?

      Yes! It doesn’t really matter what language the account is in or where the owner of the account is from. As long as we can target the specific target audience, it’s not an issue for us at all.

    • How can I make sure I do not receive an email again from you?

      If you do not wish to receive an email anymore from us nor at any other email addresses of yours that might be linked to another Instagram account please email us the email addresses or simply click on the link in the email to not receive any e-mails again.

    • Will you look at my chats or do anything inappropriate with my account?

      No, never. We are all professionals that have been in the social media space and the social media growth industry for years. Privacy and confidentiality are of extreme importance to us. We execute our work and log out of the account. You can be sure that no one is accessing or reading your information.

    • Will I still be able to login?

      Yes! You will still be able to log in at all times without issues and run your account as usual without any trouble, issues or restrictions.

    • Will your service get me shadow banned?

      No. Our services fully comply with all Instagram guidelines and their official Terms of Use. Our actions have never resulted in a shadow ban of a client.

    • Will your service get my account banned?

      No. Our services fully comply with all Instagram community guidelines and their official Terms of Use. Our actions have never resulted in a shadow ban of a client.

    • Can I work on other engagement campaigns while you are working on my account?

      We advise you to stop an excessive use of follows, unfollows, and likes while we are working on your account. Other engagement campaigns can potentially cause mini blocks and hinder us from executing our work properly and deliver the best results possible. You will still be able to comment, like, and follow people as usual, but we advise against excessive use.

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